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5 reasons why Holland Lops make good pets

May 15, 2021
Holland LopsHolland Lops

If you are looking to buy a rabbit for your home, then you should consider buying a Holland Lop. Rabbits make good pets and it is evident from the increase in the number of households that have purchased them in the last decade. If you are determined to buy a rabbit, here are 5 reasons why you should choose a breed from Holland.

Holland Lops are friendly and social

Rabbits are friendly animals by nature, even in the wild they move in groups to maintain interaction. This breed of rabbit is especially friendly and social and will thrive with constant attention and care. Adults and children alike will be surprised and excited by the inquisitive nature of the rabbit, except when you take them chewing on shoes and other precious items around the home! To make sure your rabbit is comfortable with people, it is best to get one while he is young and he will remain loving and loyal for as long as he lives.

Holland Lops are playful

Kids love to play and they will love having a bunny who loves to play too. A playful bunny is exactly what you will get when you buy a rabbit breed from Holland. From running, hiding, jumping, and throwing his toys from one end of the room to the other, a rabbit’s antics will elicit outbursts of laughter from everyone in your household.

Holland Lops are easy to get dirty

Like almost all other rabbit breeds, it will be easy to train your Holland Lop to use the litter box. Rabbits are all about cleanliness and once you make it clear to him what the litter box is for, he will use it whenever he needs to go.

Holland Lops are loyal

Your Holland Lop will quickly become a vital part of your family, especially if you raise him indoors. In no time, your bunny will become attached to you, just as you will be attached to him. If you think dogs are loyal, you haven’t seen anything yet until you’ve seen a loyal bunny! They really can be like doggies!

Holland Lops are cute

With their small, compact, and lightweight frames, the Holland breed of Lops are simply adorable to look at and their soft fur makes them perfect for frequent snuggling. This breed is so small and lightweight that they are the perfect size if you have small children or are short on space. As small as they are, you will need to have enough room in the cage to allow for active play.

With five great reasons to buy a Dutch Lop breed, plus the fact that they are easy to maintain and just plain adorable, why not make one a part of your family today?

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