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Electromagnetic charges in food!

May 25, 2021
Electromagnetic charges in food!Electromagnetic charges in food!

“Eating foods that take more energy than they provide will reduce your body’s ability to deal with the natural processes of digestion, assimilation, and elimination.”

Our bodies operate on a subtle electromagnetic current. Nerve signals are in fact electrical charges: the brain, heart, and all organs emit and create a field of electrical current.

The cells in your body communicate with each other with pulses of electricity. When we eat food, our body breaks down food particles into the smallest size (COLLOIDS). A colloid is the smallest possible form of nutrient particle (generally, the size ranges from .01 to .00001 of a micron in diameter).

These nutrient particles are then transported to our cells through an electrical charge. When choosing something to eat with a lot of energy, remember that foods like fast foods, processed foods have low energy frequencies, we are not providing the body with the electrical energy it needs. By doing this, we are requiring our body to deplete electrical nerve energy to run the digestive system to break down food in your body.

This basically means that the food we eat is actually consuming more energy than it is giving.

(The energy and food we consume are measured in megahertz, MHz)

Megahertz is a technical name for electrical frequency charging around food. The food we eat must be alive and energetic: living foods that deliver the right nutrients to our cells and our bodies. If not, we will get tired and sick.

You are probably wondering what percentage of energy (MHz) I need in my food to be and stay healthy.

The megahertz load ranges from 0 to 250 more than MHz. These are some examples of the food we eat and the energy they provide.

Canned foods are worst at 0 MHz, 1-3 MHz Chocolate Cake, Kentucky Fried Chicken-3, Big Mac-5, Vitamin / Mineral Supplement 10-30, Raw Almonds 40-50, Fruits 60- 70, green vegetables 70 to 90. So if you want your body to be full of vitality and high electromagnetic energy (which will result in your body being able to function properly, not to mention it will also help our body’s aging process), do you? what foods will you try to eat? ?

Eat live, water-fortified foods instead of processed foods. If anyone is interested in learning more about the electromagnetic energy of their own body, there is a good book called “Sick And Tired”, the author’s name is Dr. Robert Young. I met him in Hawaii when I was at a Tony Robbins seminar.

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